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As the heartland of Indonesia, Java never loses its charm. Hundreds of local cultures as well as the peak of volcanoes, glimmering rice fields and small villages, is an absolute priceless treasure. Most famous for the magnificent Borobudur that has become UNESCO World Heritage Site, Java owned magical natural treasures that much worthy to explore!


Start with the center city of the nation, Jakarta. A long history owned by this bustling city is so much worthy to learn. A heritage walks along the old town while learning about the history of colonial era always brings a deep impression. China town, national monument, and some art galleries and museums are a series of exotic journey in this metropolitan town.


Two hours to the south-east from Jakarta, stands a beautiful city of Bandung. Nicknamed Parijs van Java (Paris of Java) by the Dutch for its resemblance to Paris and European atmosphere back in colonial times, Bandung nowadays still consist of old buildings that has been well preserved. The deep history of the town, unique cultures and the beautiful landscape of Parahiyangan Mountains will bring tremendous joy of trip. Bandung is also a heaven for gastronomy trip. A lot of delicious culinary are worth to taste.


Move to Yogyakarta by train in the morning will be a joy hours. Remarkable view of country sides with paddy fields and picturesque of villages can be seen beautifully along the way.  As the second most visited region by tourists in Indonesia, Yogyakarta has a long list of tourist attractions. Yogyakarta offers everything from exotic natural features to historical sites, but what differentiate it to another tourist destinations in Indonesia is the fact the two world-famous majestic temples that located only an hour from the city. Witnessing those incredible cultural heritages is a must. Your clients extended journey will feel completed by spend some time enjoying the exquisite local tradition, foods and bit adventure.


Go to the east and find the incredible natural view on the top of Mount Bromo and Ijen. Hike up a little and witness spectacular panoramas. For sunrise catchers, these two mountains are the best one in Java. So, it is guaranteed that your clients will have a wonderful journey. Hanging around at the caldera rim of Bromo in the afternoon is just perfect as you’ll away from the crowd. Legends and myths behind Mount Bromo make the journey become much more interesting. The tradition of the local can also be watched once a year during the annual Kasada festival where people throw some vegetables, chickens and money into the crater of the volcano as the symbol of their present to the Gods.

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    Sleman, Yogyakarta
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    Casual, comfortable athletic clothing, hat and light jacket.
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