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Kekayon Journeys is a a destination management company based in Yogyakarta specialization single/multiple tour itineraries with our creation.


Our story began in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, back in November 2015 when the founder decided to resign from a big DMC in South East Asia. He then built his own travel agency targeting the domestic (Indonesian) markets, namely Brother and Travelhood. However, as his expertise and experiences are more on inbound, he tried to plunge into the international travel business’s blessings.


By mid of 2016, we received a business license from the government. At the beginning of 2017, we applied as a local agency to the biggest tour platform / marketplace in Europe called Evaneos. Some tests and interviews of the eligibility as a local agency were conducted and finally approved as a local agency to handle the Italian market! The very first request for inbound travel was received on 26 April 2017. By then, we change our strategy and turn our company name as Kekayon Journeys, which specifically handling the inbound market only.


Since then, we trusted as one of the Evaneos local agencies in Indonesia to work for the Italian market. Two months later, we were also expanding our market expertise, not just Italian but also the German market. Last 2018 Evaneos’ Spain market are also onboard, and once again, we were trusted to handle this potential market, until now! Our sales team are native, so they can communicate and understand the market preference better.


Now, in total, we handle 5 markets: 3 mains (Germany, Italy, Spain) and 2 large German-speaking markets (Switzerland, Austria) through the B2C channel of Evaneos. Occasionally we also received a couple of requests from our B2B partner in the Netherlands.

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