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The Lesser-Known of Heaven

Many travelers are not familiar with Sulawesi. The island, also known as ‘Celebes,’ has surprising things for everyone who willing to unlock its culture and adventure, especially in the part of South Sulawesi province. You will be allowed to explore layer by layer the fantastic experience offered by this island, mainly Tana Toraja, as the leading destination.

The Best of Destinations

Makassar is the capital city of South Sulawesi. Not only as a capital city, but this city holds a vital role in connecting with other islands like Sumatra, Java, and Bali. There are some tourist attractions that too good to miss, such as Fort Rotterdam-the old Dutch fortress, Paotere harbor-the Makassarese, and Bugis boat harbor.

Tanjung Bira is one of the beautiful and exotic beaches in Indonesia. The beach, which approximately 5-6 hours from Makassar, offers soft white sands and blue clear crystal water reflection. Further, you will explore the beauty of underwater on Liukang island-small island across the Tanjung Bira. It is the best spot for you who love snorkeling or diving.

You can also visit Tana Beru, you can see ‘Phinisi,’ a traditional wooden boat of Bugis and Makasarrese constructed in this area.

Sengkang is known for the center of the traditional silk factory in South Sulawesi. You will get the opportunity to see the Buginese woman spinning and weaving the silk traditionally. You are also going across to Lake Tempe to see the fisherman families who live in traditional floating villages.

Tana Toraja, here is the destination that you are waiting for. You will need at least two full days to explore all of the enchanted of Tana Toraja. Lemo is the first stop where you can see rows of Tau Tau statues and the hanging graves. Kambira is the next visit for you to discover the secrets of Baby trees. Likewise, the ancient tombs in Londa, where the late Toraja people were not buried but placed among the rocks.

Continue to Kete Kesu-one of the oldest Toraja villages where you can find Tongkonan, the Toraja people’s traditional inherited houses.

Other places that will amaze you, such as Timonbayo and Bori (the megalith stones), Lokomata (the burial cave), Batutumonga (panoramic view ), Pallawa and Sa’dan Tubaranna (local Toraja village) will complete your journeys in Tana Toraja.


Tanjung Bira



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