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Kekayon Journeys is a a destination management company based in Yogyakarta specialization single/multiple tour itineraries with our creation.

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Indonesia is an archipelago with more than 17,000 islands, hundreds of cultures, and ton beautiful sights. Explore some best of it right here right now!

Specializing in tailor-made Specializing in tailor-made

With our small-scale local expertise in every destination of Indonesia, we feel the confidence to deliver a customized off-beaten itinerary for our clients at their preference. Along with our experienced native salesforce, we commit to giving quality and authentic travel experience.

Our commitment to serving FIT and the small group only tours brings us a focus to give more time and exceptional attention to every single trip of our client. With the splash assistance of technology through our self-creation customer relationship management Attentive & professional (TOS 1.0.1.), we successfully optimized our productive working time and dramatically reduced the level of unforeseen matter.

Attentive & Professional Attentive & Professional

Dedication & qualified Dedication & qualified

The 13+ of our in-house staff gradually work since the beginning until now reflects a mutual relationship between staff and company. We put this value on the top among our policies because human capital and expertise in the travel service-related industry become the most important element to create products with a high-quality level.

B2B & B2C expertise B2B & B2C expertise

We have been working on the business initially through the B2C channel of the biggest European tour marketplace until now brings us the idea as the right partner to travel in Indonesia. Nevertheless, we also work with several outbound tour operators of the source markets.

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