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Kekayon Journeys is a a destination management company based in Yogyakarta specialization single/multiple tour itineraries with our creation.

Bali is an island of attraction. There are so many ways to enjoy this perfect island. Real Bali Eco Cycling is one of the best adventurous yet enjoyable ways to explore Bali!


A short drive after breakfast and your clients will off to mountain bikes through the heartland of Bali, travelling downhill on non-tourist sites, secret back roads and minor village roads (with little traffic), experiencing typical Balinese daily life and enjoying the beautiful Balinese countryside to Ubud. Your clients then continue to ride through lush forested areas, plantations full of Balinese staples and cash crops (cloves, coffee, cocoa, vanilla, tapioca, taro, local vegetables and exotic tropical fruits), through timeless small villages and lush rice paddy panoramas. Many adorable Balinese children will be there calling out ‘hellos’ and wanting ‘high fives’ on the way down. If we chance upon a ceremony (and we often do) your clients will also be invited to witness the events and our guides will offer explanations.


This journey will get the unseen of Bali and explain this amazing culture and the relationship the Balinese have with their beautiful island. The cycling tour will include numerous stops on the way, a visit to a Balinese home/compound (where your client can get to see first-hand how the Balinese live outside the tourist areas), a Balinese plantation (where your client can learn of the medicinal and culturally important uses of local plants, the process of making coffee and see many of the spices that usually used in cooking and tropical fruits growing in their natural environment. Your client will also go for a short walk in the rice paddies to see villagers planting and harvesting rice (can also join in) and see traditional craftsmen at work en route.

  • Destination

  • Departure

    Sleman, Yogyakarta
  • Dress Code

    Casual, comfortable athletic clothing, hat and light jacket.
  • Included

    Personal Guide
  • Not Included

    5 Star Accommodation
    Airplane Transport
    Departure Taxes

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