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Though Mt Kelimutu National Park is the smallest among six national parks between Bali and the Nusa Tenggara islands, it offers one of the most spectacular wonders that nature could offer. There are three lakes on the mountain sharing the same name, Kelimutu, which is mean ‘the boiling lake’. Each lake has its own colors and, based on the local myth; it is believed to be the resting place of departed souls.


The colors of the lakes are always unpredictable as to when and what color they will change into (could be blue, green, black, white, red, or blue). As part of Kelimutu National Park, Lake Kelimutu presents a highly aesthetic value and surreal experience. Kelimutu area is surrounded with forest containing rare floras and faunas. Pines, casuarinas, red wood and edelweiss are growing well in this side of Kelimutu Mountain, while in the other part of the mountain is dried land with highly unstable sand and soil. Local community believes that Kelimutu Mountain is sacred and donates fertility to the nature nearby.


Trek the Lake Kelimutu for about 30 minutes from Moni Village and witness the incredible sceneries uphill. Look around and don’t forget to take some photos of it! But remember, that not all areas can be explored because some are dangerous and restricted.  Join the unforgettable journeys with us!

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    Sleman, Yogyakarta
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    Casual, comfortable athletic clothing, hat and light jacket.
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