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Kekayon Journeys is a a destination management company based in Yogyakarta specialization single/multiple tour itineraries with our creation.

Amazing Tours And Fun
Adventures Waiting For You

Create your own adventure, experience or relaxing holiday on any budget! Our travel expert will be happily to assist so you can save the time planning for your trip to Indonesia.

A Nice Simple Journey Between Yogyakarta and Semarang

Banyuwangi, An Edge With Ton Of Adventurous Discovery

Closer Journey With the Wild Orangutan

Culinary Adventure in Yogyakarta

Jungle Trekking

Kayu Arum Resort (Salatiga)

Longhouse / Dayak Tour

Mesastila Coffee Plantation Tour

Rimba Ecolodge

Tanjung Bira

Tanjung Puting Ecotour

The Relaxing River Cruise in Luxurious Style



West Bali: An Adventure

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