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The Mother of Nature

Borneo is the third-largest island in the world, home to fantastic flora and fauna. It offers great adventures within the jungles, which are well preserved to ensure all creatures live in their nature. Borneo is also known as the largest wild orangutan population in the world. You will find the nine species of primates that the three species of primates endemic to Borneo, proboscis, red leaf-eating monkeys, and Bornean orangutans. Not only home for the orangutan, but Borneo also home for 230 species of birds. All of those creatures live wildly in the jungle.

The Best of Destinations

Tanjung Puting National Park is one of several National Park in Borneo. It is located in Central Kalimantan. Your journey began right after landed at Iskandar Airport, Pangkalan Bun. Headed to Kumai Harbour about 20 minutes, the Klotok-a traditional wooden riverboat is waiting for you to explore the tropical rainforest through the Sekonyer river around one hour with nipa palms view before you reach Tanjung Puting. Here, you will be allowed to see the orangutans enjoying their meal time with banana and sugar canes in the afternoon.

Pondok Tanggui is the second station for feeding spot that allows the guest to see the orangutans’ feeding time. You will walk around 20 minutes before arriving in Pondok Tanggui.

Camp Leaky is the last feeding station in Tanjung Puting National Park. As an active research facility for scholars, this place provides complete information, including the name list of every orangutan living in this area. The local guide will accompany your journeys to give you an unforgettable experience during your trip exploring the jungle safely.

Closer Journey With the Wild Orangutan

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Rimba Ecolodge

Tanjung Puting Ecotour

The Relaxing River Cruise in Luxurious Style

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