Has been famous about its tourism attractions, Toraja is actually an ethnic group indigenous to a mountainous region of South Sulawesi. The culture and rituals of this ethnic has grab world attention that make more and more people come to Tana Toraja nowadays. Tana Toraja offers an exotic adventure that performs the richness of its culture at off the beaten track. The uniqueness of this area is indeed so strong. There are so many authentic cultures and rituals of Toraja that your clients can see.

Tongkonan house is one of the most “must see” things in Toraja. The traditional Torajan ancestral houses which are stand high on wooden piles, topped with a layered split-bamboo roof and colored with red, blue and yellow painting. Some of these houses still beautifully decorated by buffalo horns in front the house. These ancient houses still well preserved by the local as they still use it for daily activities.

The funeral tradition in Toraja has been so much consuming tourist attention. Not only the burial ways but also the funeral ceremony is also so unique. In Toraja society, the funeral ritual is the most elaborate and expensive event. The death feast of a nobleman is usually attended by thousands and lasts for several days. A ceremonial site, called rante, is usually prepared in a large, grassy field where shelters for audiences, rice barns, and other ceremonial funeral structures. Flute music, funeral chants, songs and poems, and crying and wailing are traditional Toraja expressions of grief with the exceptions of funerals for young children, and poor, low-status adults. At this ceremony, there is a ritual of slaughtering water buffalo. Slaughtering tens of water buffalo and hundreds of pigs using a machete is the climax of the elaborate death feast, with dancing and music and young boys who catch spurting blood in long bamboo tubes. This ceremony is often held weeks, months, or years after the death. During the waiting period, the body of the deceased is wrapped in several layers of cloth and kept under the tongkonan. For the burial, Torajans has three methods of burial. First is the coffin  be laid in a cave, the second is in a carved stone grave and the third is hung on a cliff. These buried sites are also become a must visit for the tourist. What a dramatic ceremony!

Menhir stones as you ever seen at Asterix comic book can also be seen at Bori Kalimbuang Village. This Megalithic site has been so famous since more than a hundred stones (in many shapes) already found. Visit and feel the ancient atmosphere once you visit this area!

Toraja traditional ikat weaving is the main commodity that being livelihood for its people. The unique motifs in ikats generally represent ancestors or water buffaloes, but tend to be so abstract that the figurative can hardly be recognized. This dramatic design and the complexity of making this weaving make Ikat weaving quite expensive yet so beautiful. Nowadays, Ikat weaving has been used by world fashion designer as well as general people in so many forms of cloths.

As famous as its culture, Toraja Coffee is known as one of the tastiest coffee in Indonesia. To have a coffee journey, the tourist can visit Batutumong. This highland area offers beautiful landscape of 1.355 meters above sea level. Take time to have a light trekking in the country side through the paddy field and coffee plantations on foot will be a good option.  En-route people will also can enjoy and witness the old traditional houses and local people daily activities.


Wakatobi is a little piece of heaven where people want to live in forever. Whether you are diving or snorkeling amongst vibrant protected coral reefs bristling with marine life, enjoying a the white sandy beach, taking in a glorious sunset, or perhaps indulging in a romantic beach nuance, Wakatobi provides a unique and enriching experience for those seeking recreation and relaxation.

Your clients will enjoy the tranquility and secluded atmosphere here at Wakatobi yet all marine attractions can be easily experienced. For those who love to dive, Wakatobi deliver the ultimate dive experience that has extensive perfect locations for diver to pick. Located at the world’s epicenter of coral reef biodiversity, Wakatobi owned the greatest variety and diversity of marine life. New and undocumented species continue to be discovered at Wakatobi. Experience Wakatobi and we guarantee your clients will back home with satisfaction and unforgettable moments.

Tanjung Bira

Tanjung Bira can be considered as one of the best beaches in Sulawesi. With enchanting panorama, white sandy beach, and spectacular underwater world, Tanjung Bira has been famous not only in Indonesia but also in foreign countries.

6 hours transfer from Makassar will be paid off by the beauty of the nature that offered by this lovely beach. Doesn’t like the other beach in Sulawesi, Tanjung Bira offers an ultimate diving experience. Enjoy the charming underwater world with thousands of fishes and colorful coral reefs while you dive. If you lucky, you may see sharks and turtles back and forth.

Is it off the beaten track? Yes it’s true! But it is absolutely worth it, though!

Jungle Trekking

Tamblingan Jungle Trekking is designed exclusively for one who wants to explore the nature of Tamblingan Sacred Lake. It is a perfect journey to escape from the crowds and experience the real jungle of Bali with some old legend that come along with the jungle which is it will let you know about the information about Bali Culture and  then Crossing Tamblingan lake by traditional Dugout canoe.

After registration and briefing the group will start the trek by entering a lush protected rain-forest area with giant old tress, animal such as macaque, black giant squirrel, birds and old legend temple inside in the Jungle. You clients will then walk along the shore of this lake situated in the caldera of an extinct Jungle Mountain. This tour also combines with a session of forty five minutes exploring the Tamblingan Lake by dugout canoe to finishing point.

West Bali: An Adventure

Unspoilt beauty lies at the west end of the magic island of Bali: lush green forests, picturesque mountain range, crystal clear blue water, and vast stretches of pristine beaches are all included in West Bali National Park. Home to over a hundred species of wildlife, the national park is best known as the sanctuary of the exotic white Bali Starling, an endemic iconic bird of the island of the gods.

On the land part, the habitat is very varied with rainforests, dry savannas, acacia scrubs and lowland forests, as well as more montane forests in the higher region with various kind of faunas such as Indian muntjac, rusa deer, leopard cat, and hundreds of birds species.

While on marine area, West Bali National Park owned Menjangan Island which so famous with its diving sites. Menjangan Islands, blessed with beautiful underwater world, wonderful marine life and some of the world’s rarest species, is one of the best diving sites in Indonesia. Its fine and preserved corals, abundant tropical fish, turquoise clear water and calm sea make Menjangan a snorkeling paradise for both beginners and more advanced snorkelers. It ranks 3rd on Discovery Channel’s list of The World’s 10 Best Spots for Snorkeling. There are some main spots in Menjangan which will offer super-fine coral gardens, thousands colorful fishes, and even turtles. To those who don’t want to dive, don’t worry! There are also some places where people can see the coral reefs from surface. The crystal clear water makes it so easy to enjoy its underwater life.

With all the treasure owned, West Bali is just a perfect area to indulge your adventurous spirit!

Rimba Ecolodge

Rimba Ecolodge is a conservation lodge that aim to strengthen and empower their commitment to the environment as an employment source. The guests thus play a vital role in this environment protection contributing in many ways including a 10US$ contribution to the company conservation fund for their booking.  Located in one of the few remaining places on earth where Orangutans can be seen in the wild, Rimba Ecolodge now over 90% solar powered. Perched over the Sekonyer River on  the edge of the Tanjung Puting National Park, in Kalimantan, Rimba Orangutan Ecolodge provides a unique base to explore the lush surrounding rainforest and encounter orangutans and eight other primate species and rich bird life.

Rimba can only be reached by boat from the port of Kumai. Arriving at the Lodge jetty in the middle of the forest is an unforgettable experience. The jetty connects to all rooms, the reception area, office and restaurant by a series of covered boardwalks. The Lodge provides a base from which you can explore the surrounding rainforest and Tanjung Puting National Park. Take a walk from your room along the bird walk, hear the plaintive cry of Gibbons, early birdsong and the resident Macaque monkey troop from your comfortable room, set right on the edge of the gently flowing Sekonyer river.

From the Lodge you travel by klotok (wooden boats) upstream, surrounded by rainforest, to a number of feeding stations in the Tanjung Puting National Park, the most famous of which is Camp Leakey. As you walk through the rainforest you often see orangutans and at Camp Leakey you sometimes see gibbons as well as many butterflies and birds. At the feeding stations your clients will get a wonderful opportunity to see these amazing primates up close. Your clients might also take a night safari to see tarsiers, glowing mushrooms, fireflies and perhaps owls.

Tanjung Puting Ecotour

Having a wildlife ecotour inside of the 400.000 hectares of rain forest will be such an unforgettable journey for anyone who joined it. Tanjung Putting national park is approx. 25 minutes (depending on the klotok speed) from the harbor. Along the Sekonyer River, while seeing some animals such as crocodiles, several species of monkeys, and listen the story of Tanjung Putting National Park.

Watch orangutan activities, how they feed, play, taking care of their babies and interact between another wild animals. Witness the natural and alive movie in front of your eyes. Your clients will also experience an enjoyable time on the Klotok! Taste some snacks and soft drinks while exploring some other monkeys along the way on the river. The melody of the jungle, sound of birds and gibbons will be joyful sounds all over the day. It will be such a pleasure and proud for anyone that they witness the care of animal life. What a relaxing yet adventurous journey!

Longhouse / Dayak Tour

A journey to learn more about the Dayak Culture, famous for its mysterious spirit world and ancestral bone houses used during their elaborate funeral ceremonies, is a challenging yet interesting journey. Discover about their head hunting past and why they lived in Longhouses will be the main agenda. A welcome ceremony will be performed by the local for the guests. Join the local family of the longhouse for dinner and talk with the elders about the history of the longhouse and everyday life, the culture as well as the traditions.

It is not the end, trek the forest near the longhouse to see ironwood or rubber tree plantation areas. See how to take latex from the trees and listen to the Dayak agricultural philosophy. Visit a Kaharingan (the Dayak traditional religion) temple. Enjoy the evening with musical performance and dance, learn some stories behind some particular dances and play traditional music instruments. What a meaningful journey, isn’t it?

The Relaxing River Cruise in Luxurious Style

Get into the jungle doesn’t always means living in a tent. Join the trip through a relaxing jungle river journey. Relax in comfort and enjoy various delicious food made on board as you travel through magical reflections, see orangutans on forested islands as well as proboscis monkeys, hornbills, and Brahminy kites!

Visit traditional Dayak villages and experience their riverside lifestyle. Witness the local tradition and culture, and listen the histories about their ancestors. For the ultimate escape from the city, the natural treasures of Borneo are in easy reach!

Closer journey with the wild orangutan

Experience a balance between wildlife, flora and fauna and the fascinating Dayak culture. Spot orangutans in their natural habitat; learn about the struggle of the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation’s to save this magnificent creature and the human and cultural aspect. A journey along Palangkaraya and Tanjung Puting National Park!

Transfer your boat in Palangka Raya harbour and start the journey! Cruise past the stilted and floating houses of the provincial capital and continue upriver along the forest-lined river, passing villages. In the early evening, take a canoe through the shimmering black water lakes. Keep an eye out for proboscis monkeys, hornbills, Brahminy kites and enjoy a quiet dinner in the midst of the jungle!

Enjoy the breakfast while the boat moves up the Rungan River. On Bapallas Island, take a motorised canoe and observe orangutans and then continue to the BOSF Education Centre where orangutans are waiting to be placed on the pre-release islands.

Explore Pangkalan Bun is another interesting part of the journey. Experience cruise off to explore the great mangrove, nipah palm, and wildlife along the Sekonyer River while lunch is prepared on the boat.  Observe the proboscis monkey and other primates along the river. Go boat up to Pondok Tanggui Camp and trekking to Leakey Camp to witness orangutan feeding time. Boat down to Nipa Palm area and witness beautiful fireflies at night when the weather is good.