Has been famous about its tourism attractions, Toraja is actually an ethnic group indigenous to a mountainous region of South Sulawesi. The culture and rituals of this ethnic has grab world attention that make more and more people come to Tana Toraja nowadays. Tana Toraja offers an exotic adventure that performs the richness of its culture at off the beaten track. The uniqueness of this area is indeed so strong. There are so many authentic cultures and rituals of Toraja that your clients can see.

Tongkonan house is one of the most “must see” things in Toraja. The traditional Torajan ancestral houses which are stand high on wooden piles, topped with a layered split-bamboo roof and colored with red, blue and yellow painting. Some of these houses still beautifully decorated by buffalo horns in front the house. These ancient houses still well preserved by the local as they still use it for daily activities.

The funeral tradition in Toraja has been so much consuming tourist attention. Not only the burial ways but also the funeral ceremony is also so unique. In Toraja society, the funeral ritual is the most elaborate and expensive event. The death feast of a nobleman is usually attended by thousands and lasts for several days. A ceremonial site, called rante, is usually prepared in a large, grassy field where shelters for audiences, rice barns, and other ceremonial funeral structures. Flute music, funeral chants, songs and poems, and crying and wailing are traditional Toraja expressions of grief with the exceptions of funerals for young children, and poor, low-status adults. At this ceremony, there is a ritual of slaughtering water buffalo. Slaughtering tens of water buffalo and hundreds of pigs using a machete is the climax of the elaborate death feast, with dancing and music and young boys who catch spurting blood in long bamboo tubes. This ceremony is often held weeks, months, or years after the death. During the waiting period, the body of the deceased is wrapped in several layers of cloth and kept under the tongkonan. For the burial, Torajans has three methods of burial. First is the coffin  be laid in a cave, the second is in a carved stone grave and the third is hung on a cliff. These buried sites are also become a must visit for the tourist. What a dramatic ceremony!

Menhir stones as you ever seen at Asterix comic book can also be seen at Bori Kalimbuang Village. This Megalithic site has been so famous since more than a hundred stones (in many shapes) already found. Visit and feel the ancient atmosphere once you visit this area!

Toraja traditional ikat weaving is the main commodity that being livelihood for its people. The unique motifs in ikats generally represent ancestors or water buffaloes, but tend to be so abstract that the figurative can hardly be recognized. This dramatic design and the complexity of making this weaving make Ikat weaving quite expensive yet so beautiful. Nowadays, Ikat weaving has been used by world fashion designer as well as general people in so many forms of cloths.

As famous as its culture, Toraja Coffee is known as one of the tastiest coffee in Indonesia. To have a coffee journey, the tourist can visit Batutumong. This highland area offers beautiful landscape of 1.355 meters above sea level. Take time to have a light trekking in the country side through the paddy field and coffee plantations on foot will be a good option.  En-route people will also can enjoy and witness the old traditional houses and local people daily activities.

Puri Kelapa Cottages (Sanur)

Located in Sanur area, Puri Kelapa Cottages offers a comfortable and homey lodging.  Designed with Balinese touch, every room at Puri Kelapa Cottages has it owns charm. Surrounded by little green garden, the cottages are totally relaxing. Located only 4 minutes’ walk from Sanur beach, Puri Kelapa is an ideal place to stay for those who search middle level yet comfortable accommodation.

Don’t worry! High standard services are applied in this hotel. Swimming pool, laundry, wifi, boarding pass printing and bicycle rental, can be easily being reached. The guest can just relax enjoying their holidays without have to worry about the ordinary stuffs.

Tanjung Sari (Sanur)

The Tandjung Sari is an ageless beauty. At more than fifty years old, this small hotel on Sanur beach, shaded by huge trees and quietly sheltering treasure at every turn, remains serene, discreet and elegantly modest. Facilitated by 28 traditional-style bungalows which beautifully decorated with crafts and antiques, Tandjung Sari has become one the most unique hotel in Bali.

The heart of Tandjung Sari is the convivial beachside space that flows around the restaurant, the swimming pool, the bar, and an open pavilion called the Balé Beton. At dusk, lanterns in the trees create a fairytale atmosphere, inviting people to gather and watch the moon rise. This is the venue for Tandjung Sari’s regular jazz concerts and other beachside events.

The most interesting one is weekend beach market that opens every Friday and Saturday. This event offers culinary treats and the romantic atmosphere of an Indonesian night market with specialist food vendors of traditional street food on the beach. When luxury combined with local culture, what a harmony!

Dedari Kriyamaha (Ubud)

The luxury Dedari Kriyamaha Villa is perched on a valley edge surrounded with panoramic rice terraced and coconut trees with amazing sunset setting. Located ten minutes’ drive from Ubud center, an exotic destination for heritage, spiritual healing and culture holiday experience, Dedari Kriyamaha offers tranquil and peaceful atmosphere which is perfect for relaxation.

The best of the Ubud area is found off the roads, amongst villages, temples, and rice paddies. Feel the fresh air while enjoying the distance views of rice fields and dozens of coconut trees. Enrich your life by interacting with friendly local villagers, observing their daily morning activities as well as learning about the culture and customs of Balinese people and village.

Eleven glorious villas with private pool are ready to indulge your clients. Order a romantic candle light dinner by the pool which is served in your client’s private villa. Scattered flickering candles and lanterns will light the villa while the colorful tropical flowers in set express the affectionate intimacy in the secluded environment of the private villa. This truly magic dining experience will be unforgettable memory for your clients especially those who in honeymoon trip. Not only that, your clients could also join many kind of activities such as cooking class, village walk/cycling, dance course, etc.

The Kayon Resort (Ubud)

The Kayon resort is perched on Ubud hills side, surrounded with holy Petanu River and lush tropical rainforest gives a relaxing vibe. Located only ten minutes’ drive from Ubud center, this enchanting five star boutique resort is designed in complete harmony with nature. Decorated with Ramayana story relief on stone wall creates a romantic ambience, The Kayon provides abundance spots to capture.

Nestled deep in hearth of Ubud rain forest preserve, surrounded with the historical Petanu River and stunning jungle landscape, the Kayon has a healing atmosphere and romantic ambiance. The resort features six valley deluxe rooms with jungles view on the two storey north wing, twelve Kayon river suites in three floor south wing with view down to river and five river edge private pool villas with thatched roofs, each enhanced by its infinity pool overlooking to river below.

The interesting one is “Balinese Culture dinner with live assorted Balinese dance” which is held at floating Kumba Karna Stage every Friday night. While The Kayon Resort is committed to support the local Kepitu Village in preserving arts and culture, some of the cost that you spend will be given to support this program.

Plataran Menjangan (West Bali)

Located in the forest with a view of the ocean, Plataran Menjangan Resort & Spa is a part of the West Bali National Park. High sense of privacy villas which exclusively located within its own individual compound, are made up of a traditional Joglo house, a plunge pool, and a garden. Equipped with first-class international-standard accommodation amenities, Plataran Menjangan offers a spacious and luxurious indoor living.

With direct access to the soothing waters, the garden is available for the guest who wants to simply read a book, have a picnic lunch, or even experience romantic candlelight dinner. The villas at Plataran Menjangan are truly the epitome of utmost privacy and the perfect place to indulge with what nature has to offer.

Not only that, a full day cruise to Menjangan Island is also one not to be missed. This wonderful island in the West Bali is one of Bali’s true gems. Enjoy snorkeling and beautiful views or simply soak up the sun. Blessed with beautiful dive conditions, amazing marine life and some of the world’s rarest species, enjoying underwater adventure diving with professional diving guide in the West Bali can be the best option for your clients.

For those who want to explore the land part of West Bali National Park, can easily join the Trekking and Cycling program which will discover some of the best views and watching many animals that live in the park.

Sanak Retreat (Munduk)

Set amidst a farmer’s canvas of verdant rice paddies and surrounded by mystical mountains, SANAK Retreat in North Bali, is a true testament to a very real, yet elegant retreat that has been handpicked with humanity in mind.

Sanak Retreat offers 10 heartwarming bungalows and 3 Bedroom Private Villa with plunge pool that have been lovingly curated to guarantee the peaceful rest of the guests. Wake up floating over ancient paddies and the sounds of nature will instantly recharge your energy. Authentic Balinese cuisine will also indulge your client’s appetite. Your clients can also order a private dining/picnics that can be served in their bungalow, within the surrounding local area or even on their bed, with their very own private chef and waiter. What a perfect romantic place!

Jungle Trekking

Tamblingan Jungle Trekking is designed exclusively for one who wants to explore the nature of Tamblingan Sacred Lake. It is a perfect journey to escape from the crowds and experience the real jungle of Bali with some old legend that come along with the jungle which is it will let you know about the information about Bali Culture and  then Crossing Tamblingan lake by traditional Dugout canoe.

After registration and briefing the group will start the trek by entering a lush protected rain-forest area with giant old tress, animal such as macaque, black giant squirrel, birds and old legend temple inside in the Jungle. You clients will then walk along the shore of this lake situated in the caldera of an extinct Jungle Mountain. This tour also combines with a session of forty five minutes exploring the Tamblingan Lake by dugout canoe to finishing point.

Throwback the Time When Bali Became So Classic (Ubud & Local People & Sidemen)

Sidemen, tranquil and beautiful place to relax. Consist of hectares of rice fields, agricultural land and an impressive view of Mount Agung, this part of Bali still holds its charm. Here, the local people still tend to their fields, prepare ceremonies at the temples and head to the rivers for bath.

More and more adventurous travelers are discovering this charming place. Trekking trails through rice fields, mountains, valleys, and coffee/cocoa plantations is a must thing to do in this area. Sidemen’s trekking path offers remarkable natural view, moreover at golden hours. Enjoy the enchanting combination of the green rice fields, feel the cool breeze of the wind, and witness the local daily activities, will absolutely make a meaningful journey for our clients!

Not only that, another interesting activity in sideman is the Ikat weaving that being done by the local. Here, your clients can try to make ikat demo and see how the home industries run their business.

Exceptional Rites in Bali (Ritual)

“No day without ceremony” some people say. If you follow all of the life cycle rituals and ceremony (baby, puberty, weddings, cremations, temple festivals), then that phrase is probably true. There are definitely certain times that “major ceremony” such as the full moons in April and October and Galungan being held. Besides that, there are also a lot of minor rituals that makes Bali always full of ceremonies.

These are some rituals that considered as minor ceremonies yet routines in Bali such as Odalan (temple ceremony) that usually lasts for three to eleven days, Purnama (full moon) in Bali that considered as a special day for ceremonies and festivities, and life cycle ceremony that already starts since the 8th month mother’s pregnant (counted more than 9 ceremonies for a life circle). Every village in Bali has at least three major temples (and often many more than that), so there is always some kind of community religious activity going on. The Balinese are honoring the deities that rule over the temple by giving them a myriad of offerings, performances of vocal music, dance and gamelan music.

For you who love to learn about Balisane ceremony cultures, this journey will be perfect. Go with us and join a series of ceremonial journey. Witness how the Balinese prepare the ceremony as well as the rituals. As a note, you need to know that Hindus in Bali apply strict rules regarding temples and ceremonies. These rules mainly concern dress requirements and conditions of ‘sebel’ (taboo) such as menstruation or open wounds, bringing food into the temple, being physically or mentally ill, being in a state of mourning (for the Balinese this lasts 42 days or one month + 7 days of Balinese calender), and having given birth within the past 42 days.

Enjoy the other side of Bali and get the extraordinary experiences!