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Baliem Valley Festival, Ancient Tribe’s Mock War Experience

Attend the Baliem Valley Festival and get a rare chance to learn and experience firsthand different traditions of each tribe who participate in the Festival. During the festival, don’t forget to have your camera in your hand and capture some unique moments that you don’t want to miss. More than a thousand war participants want […]

Baliem Valley

Baliem Valley, also known as the Grand Valley is located in the Central Highlands of Papua. Baliem Valley has been famous through the world for its beautiful landscape and the unique Dani’s Tribe culture. Entering this valley will take you to a breathtaking view. Hectares green valleys decorated by colorful wild flowers will accompany you […]

Wayag Island, Home to Pristine Beaches

Wayag Island is one of the islands within the Raja Ampat district in the province of West Papua. The island is known for its beautiful atolls and amazing underwater life covering a total area of 155,000 hectares, about 383,013.3 acres. Here, you find pristine beaches with unique Karst islands that look like mushrooms sprouting out […]

Misool Island, a Tropical Hideaway in the Raja Ampat Archipelago

Misool Island is a remote, tropical hideaway, one of four largest islands in the Raja Ampat archipelago, who owned a veritable traffic lane for many large sea creatures, including whales. The crystal clear turquoise sea-waters allow spectacular views of Misool’s sub-surface colorful treasures even when still aboard your boat. On land, the wild territory of […]

Kofiau Island, World’s Coral Diversity

Kofiau Island is the smaller and least visited amongst the major islands in Raja Ampat, the world’s coral diversity bull’s eye. This island is comprised primarily of raised coral limestone and some volcanic hills covered in low lush rainforest, all offering a wealth of nature & beautiful scenery. If you ever wanted to go where […]

Raja Ampat

Located off the northwest tip of Bird’s Head Peninsula on the island of New Guinea, Raja Ampat (the Four Kings) is the part of Coral Triangle which contains the richest marine biodiversity on earth. It consist of over 1,500 small islands, cays, and shoals surrounding the four main islands of Misool, Salawati, Batanta, and Waigeo, […]

Bukittingi & Naresianok

Bukittinggi, as one of favorite places to visit in Sumatera, is constructed by remarkable giant rock cliffs, stunning rugged trees that grow on top and the dramatic surrounding mountains, which make this area has a spellbinding view. Located over 900 meters above sea level, Bukittinggi is an ideal place to get beyond the average trail […]


Tangkahan, “the hidden paradise in Sumatra” is definitely hidden literately. It is the perfect place to get off the beaten track, but still have access to good food and comfortable bungalows. Located on the border of Gunung Leuser National Park, North Sumatra, Tangkahan situated at the junction of 2 rivers, the Buluh River and the […]

Lake Toba

Located in north Sumatera, Lake Toba is one of the awesome natural wonders of the world, the largest lake in Southeast Asia and the deepest lake in the world. This enormous crater’s lake has an island (which is almost the size of Singapore) in its center named Samosir Island. At over 1,145 square km, and […]


The magnificent Mount Rinjani is a volcano mountain that towers in the island of Lombok. Climbing to the peak of the mountain is one of the most exhilarating experiences you can have. As the second highest mountain in Indonesia, the landscape of Mount Rinjadi is regarded as one of the best views in the country. […]