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We bring the “LLA Concept” to inspire our product:

  • Local people and the village
  • Living culture and heritage
  • Adventurous and challenge

We serve you better!

  • We create custom trips, each of which matches your travel preference on any budget.
  • We provide a wide range of products full of twist and turn that would perperually excites you, such as off the beaten track adventures, family style tours, honeymoon packages, cultural immersions, gastronomic explorations and so forth.
  • We keep a good correspondence with local people who would help us to deliver a unique experience with authenticity. At the end, the partnership would give many benefits to the locals.
  • We deliver a competitive price for profound experiences and excellent services.

We respect local wisdoms and environment sustainability.


Kekayon Journeys is a destination management company based in Yogyakarta specializing on single/multiple tour itineraries with our creation. We are more than happy to deliver a brand new, innovative and inspiring travel programs, featuring extraordinary adventure, relaxing hideaway, cultural immersion, and of course easy outings suitable for family, all of which are designed impeccably for our costumer.

Java is our specialty. However, the extensive knowledge of our experienced staffs allows us to arrange destinations outside Java and Bali. Some of our most favorite ones are Lombok, Kalimantan (Borneo), Sumatra and eastern of Indonesia where it is arranged privately.

We are eager to discover something new for our tour program as we believe that Indonesia bears such an extensive tourism potential which deserves world’s attention. We have been developing some distinctive programs and day trips, from sand boarding in the south of Yogyakarta, exciting Turgo trekking, visiting temples and heritage compounds with an archaeologist, cooking class with legendary Javanese specialty cook, life experience with abdi dalem Keraton, morning yoga at tea plantation to the contemporary art tour in depth, savoring the traditional of Yogyakarta, Palangkaraya river cruising, and many more. Rediscovery of the destination is the main idea and we would never stop to find new possibilities of beautiful journey and to serve differently.

We serve diverse from families, individuals, small groups, honeymooners, adventurer, flashpackers and so forth. We aim to have a wonderful affiliation with the suppliers and partners, and we consider them, the front-liners, as our precious assets. Treating our client with care and consideration is our baseline in every single service we offer, thus our client’s satisfaction would always be our top priority. We are committed to relaying a memorable memory to them.

Lastly, we are here to help you with any type of arrangement, on any budget!  Please do call us, or you could easily reach us by checking on our website where you could meet our team for a great proposal.

Enjoy and have a great day as always!

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