West Bali: An Adventure

Unspoilt beauty lies at the west end of the magic island of Bali: lush green forests, picturesque mountain range, crystal clear blue water, and vast stretches of pristine beaches are all included in West Bali National Park. Home to over a hundred species of wildlife, the national park is best known as the sanctuary of the exotic white Bali Starling, an endemic iconic bird of the island of the gods.

On the land part, the habitat is very varied with rainforests, dry savannas, acacia scrubs and lowland forests, as well as more montane forests in the higher region with various kind of faunas such as Indian muntjac, rusa deer, leopard cat, and hundreds of birds species.

While on marine area, West Bali National Park owned Menjangan Island which so famous with its diving sites. Menjangan Islands, blessed with beautiful underwater world, wonderful marine life and some of the world’s rarest species, is one of the best diving sites in Indonesia. Its fine and preserved corals, abundant tropical fish, turquoise clear water and calm sea make Menjangan a snorkeling paradise for both beginners and more advanced snorkelers. It ranks 3rd on Discovery Channel’s list of The World’s 10 Best Spots for Snorkeling. There are some main spots in Menjangan which will offer super-fine coral gardens, thousands colorful fishes, and even turtles. To those who don’t want to dive, don’t worry! There are also some places where people can see the coral reefs from surface. The crystal clear water makes it so easy to enjoy its underwater life.

With all the treasure owned, West Bali is just a perfect area to indulge your adventurous spirit!

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