Throwback the Time When Bali Became So Classic (Ubud & Local People & Sidemen)

Sidemen, tranquil and beautiful place to relax. Consist of hectares of rice fields, agricultural land and an impressive view of Mount Agung, this part of Bali still holds its charm. Here, the local people still tend to their fields, prepare ceremonies at the temples and head to the rivers for bath.

More and more adventurous travelers are discovering this charming place. Trekking trails through rice fields, mountains, valleys, and coffee/cocoa plantations is a must thing to do in this area. Sidemen’s trekking path offers remarkable natural view, moreover at golden hours. Enjoy the enchanting combination of the green rice fields, feel the cool breeze of the wind, and witness the local daily activities, will absolutely make a meaningful journey for our clients!

Not only that, another interesting activity in sideman is the Ikat weaving that being done by the local. Here, your clients can try to make ikat demo and see how the home industries run their business.

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