Tanjung Puting Ecotour

Having a wildlife ecotour inside of the 400.000 hectares of rain forest will be such an unforgettable journey for anyone who joined it. Tanjung Putting national park is approx. 25 minutes (depending on the klotok speed) from the harbor. Along the Sekonyer River, while seeing some animals such as crocodiles, several species of monkeys, and listen the story of Tanjung Putting National Park.

Watch orangutan activities, how they feed, play, taking care of their babies and interact between another wild animals. Witness the natural and alive movie in front of your eyes. Your clients will also experience an enjoyable time on the Klotok! Taste some snacks and soft drinks while exploring some other monkeys along the way on the river. The melody of the jungle, sound of birds and gibbons will be joyful sounds all over the day. It will be such a pleasure and proud for anyone that they witness the care of animal life. What a relaxing yet adventurous journey!

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