Sade Village & Sasak Tribe

Sasak is the indigenous people of the island of Lombok that become majority of the population. Traditions, customs, worship, traditional houses, and Sasak daily life are so much interesting to explore. Their main livelihood is farming and this activity usually being done by the man, while the women traditionally make beautiful ikat-textiles at their home. Those ikat-textiles are made with various beautiful colors and pattern which then being sold as souvenirs to the tourist.

Sade Village is one of the most interesting Sasak traditional villages where most of the local people still practice and maintain their original tradition and culture values. Sade village exist on the slope of hills. For those who interested in architecture, Sade village is so much interesting to explore. This village is consisting of symmetrically traditional houses that constructed by wood-framed grass roof, bamboo-walls, and the most unique floor made from cow dung.

Walk around with the local guide, take some photos and buy some souvenirs from the local! All of the income and donations will be used for living and the preservation of their culture which otherwise would have disappeared.

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