Roemahkoe Heritage (Solo)

More han just a place to stay, Romahkoe heritage hotel is the quintessense of refined Javanese spirit life style. Discover an athmosphere of subtle sophistication and unique elegance inspired by many deep-rooted traditions that have defined the people of this area from the time ancient kingdoms flourished on the fertile island of Java.

Built in 1938 in the quiet city of solo by a wealthy batik merchant as a private family residence and later lovingly renovated into a heritage hotel in 2003, Romahkoe offers every guest an opportunity to immerse oneself into local culture and really get a feel for way people live and work in and around the small, yet very exciting batik village known as Laweyan. For hundreds of year, the residents of the area have been producing beautiful batik cloth through traditional methods by means of cottage industries that are still in operation today. Have a village walk or cycling around the village can be top choice to explore Laweyan village. Not only see, your client can also have some batik courses that will be taught by the local.

A visit to Roemahkoe will take you back to romantic period in time when life was simple and unhurried. As you walk through the breeze public areas perfectly designed for tropical living or enjoy a leisurely cup of afternoon tea while quietly noticing the singular art deco style architecture, Roemahkoe is a portal to the past. Sit back, unwind and let the hectic pace of modern living, with so much burden and stress, slowly melt away. Allow your imagination to run freely in this beautiful and venerable settling that is reminiscent of a peaceful and gentle by-gone era.

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