Longhouse / Dayak Tour

A journey to learn more about the Dayak Culture, famous for its mysterious spirit world and ancestral bone houses used during their elaborate funeral ceremonies, is a challenging yet interesting journey. Discover about their head hunting past and why they lived in Longhouses will be the main agenda. A welcome ceremony will be performed by the local for the guests. Join the local family of the longhouse for dinner and talk with the elders about the history of the longhouse and everyday life, the culture as well as the traditions.

It is not the end, trek the forest near the longhouse to see ironwood or rubber tree plantation areas. See how to take latex from the trees and listen to the Dayak agricultural philosophy. Visit a Kaharingan (the Dayak traditional religion) temple. Enjoy the evening with musical performance and dance, learn some stories behind some particular dances and play traditional music instruments. What a meaningful journey, isn’t it?

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