Exceptional Rites in Bali (Ritual)

“No day without ceremony” some people say. If you follow all of the life cycle rituals and ceremony (baby, puberty, weddings, cremations, temple festivals), then that phrase is probably true. There are definitely certain times that “major ceremony” such as the full moons in April and October and Galungan being held. Besides that, there are also a lot of minor rituals that makes Bali always full of ceremonies.

These are some rituals that considered as minor ceremonies yet routines in Bali such as Odalan (temple ceremony) that usually lasts for three to eleven days, Purnama (full moon) in Bali that considered as a special day for ceremonies and festivities, and life cycle ceremony that already starts since the 8th month mother’s pregnant (counted more than 9 ceremonies for a life circle). Every village in Bali has at least three major temples (and often many more than that), so there is always some kind of community religious activity going on. The Balinese are honoring the deities that rule over the temple by giving them a myriad of offerings, performances of vocal music, dance and gamelan music.

For you who love to learn about Balisane ceremony cultures, this journey will be perfect. Go with us and join a series of ceremonial journey. Witness how the Balinese prepare the ceremony as well as the rituals. As a note, you need to know that Hindus in Bali apply strict rules regarding temples and ceremonies. These rules mainly concern dress requirements and conditions of ‘sebel’ (taboo) such as menstruation or open wounds, bringing food into the temple, being physically or mentally ill, being in a state of mourning (for the Balinese this lasts 42 days or one month + 7 days of Balinese calender), and having given birth within the past 42 days.

Enjoy the other side of Bali and get the extraordinary experiences!

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