Cycling Jatiluwih

As one of the World Heritage UNESCO lists, Jatiluwih offers the postcard-perfect pastoral landscapes. With peace, fresh, and tranquility, the atmosphere of this area is so peaceful. Jatiluwih becomes a choice for those who want to escape from the hustle of city. Jatiluwih is a stretch 636 hectares of paddy field which applied ‘subak’ for its irrigation system. As traditional culture,  Subak has a temple, which was built to dedicate to Goddess of Prosperity and Goddess of Fertility.

Cycling is the best way to explore this wide area. Along the route, your clients will cruising between farms, stopping to snap photos along the way and chatting with the guide about the work that goes into planting, tending, and harvesting to these thriving crops. Join this cycling tour which will take your clients into a different world, away from big buildings, traffic jam and modern life!

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