Baliem Valley

Baliem Valley, also known as the Grand Valley is located in the Central Highlands of Papua. Baliem Valley has been famous through the world for its beautiful landscape and the unique Dani’s Tribe culture.

Entering this valley will take you to a breathtaking view. Hectares green valleys decorated by colorful wild flowers will accompany you along the way to Dani’s village. The original culture of dani’s tribe becomes the most attractive things to witness. Their daily appearance which still wears traditional costumes, their daily life, and ceremonies cannot be found elsewhere.

Get a tour through the village and you can chat with the native people their culture. At some villages, you may see mummies that remain hundreds of years. The way they make the mummy is also unique. Unlike Egypt way of embalming dead bodies, the dead body being smoked and greased with lard. The process itself took at least 5 years.

Believed as a lake in the past, Baliem Valley owned some space consist of white sand that have exactly the same structure  as white sand that usually found at the beach. What an exceptional natural treasure!

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