Baliem Valley Festival, Ancient Tribe’s Mock War Experience

Attend the Baliem Valley Festival and get a rare chance to learn and experience firsthand different traditions of each tribe who participate in the Festival. During the festival, don’t forget to have your camera in your hand and capture some unique moments that you don’t want to miss.

More than a thousand war participants want to keep abreast with the world. They adorn themselves with local attributes, but at the same time, they use flashy sunglasses as a personal ad of a trendy look. Observe and enjoy the mock war! Feel the hilarity when the spears and arrows get to hit the opponents call the loud roar from the hundreds of spectators! A tip: ask them politely to take some photos and the may pose for you.

After the Festival, your clients will have a chance to go to the Dani Market in Wamena, and visit the traditional Wauma Village. Your clients may also see a 250 year-old mummified village chief or, after a 2-hour climb, see the salt springs, where Dani women have to make salt in a simple way.

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