Mesastila Coffee Plantation Tour

A hidden heaven is tucked away in the highlands of Losari. Mesastila Resort stands beautifully among hectares of coffee plantation. Set within an area of twenty-two hectares of outstanding natural beauty, this resort surrounded by cooling highland-air, eight mountains, tropical gardens and lush vegetation. Owning some precious old Javanese houses, Mesastila has become one of the most luxury resorts in Central Java.

An easy walk can be so meaningful when you do it at such picturesque path such Mesastila resort. For an hour, the guests will be guided to walk through coffee plantation, visit the coffee house where the coffee being processed, and taste the fresh Jamu (herbal healthy drink) and roasted coffee bean that being consumed with coconut sugar. Along the tour, an expert and friendly guide will explain a bunch of information about various coffees that planted in this area, the coffee process, the use of some vegetation, as well as the history of the resort. Embrace the fresh air with the remarkable view of the resort will be a 100% relaxation journey for your clients.

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