D’Omah Hotel (Yogya)

Located in the middle of Javanese village at southern Yogyakarta, D’Omah Hotel is one of those rare examples of a perfectly integrated community tourism project. Staying in a village, enjoy the rural atmosphere, with a range of world class facilities is a perfect combination to expect for your journey. Consist of Javanese old villas and buildings; every room at D’omah has its own specific character. Batik, traditional and contemporary paintings with individual Javanese art pieces are in abundance throughout. Each room has access to private outside sitting areas and swimming pools with thick tropical vegetation that insures a sense of privacy.

Enjoy also some authentic Javanese activities at the near village such as village Andong riding, Batik painting, village cycling, or just enjoy village walking while observe the local do their routines as well as savor the tranquil environment of the rural.

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