Cycling Experience in the Small Alleys of Heritage Town Kotagede

Kotagede, which often called as Sargede, was once the center of the mighty Mataram Empire. With some legacy spots that still remain well preserved, Kotagede still hold the Javanese culture as well. Guarded by some Abdi Dalem (a royal servant), these spots are open to public.

Over all, this small area consisted by small alleys that connect one spot to another. Cycling is the best way to explore this area. The Great Mosque (Masjid Gede) – the largest monument attributed to the kingdom of Mataram established in 1575, the royal cemetery, Jagalan traditional village and unique traditional Javanese houses, are best spots that most interesting to visit.

Guided by Abdi Dalem who absolutely expert in the history of each place, the journey will indeed fun and meaningful. Simply embrace the Javanese ambience with subtle beauty of local routines and majestic ancient houses, and learn the deep history, your clients will get one of the most valuable journeys in town.

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